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While the majority of the world is still under lockdown, streaming, digital. and video-on-demand have delivered our movie-going experiences but what did we think about this month’s offerings? Check out our picks for the top 3 best and worst movies of April 2020. Advertisements

March is not a month that’s consistently known for any type of films. However, just like last march, there seems to be a large amount of highly anticipated fare to please us in a post Parasite best picture world. With high profile, multi-million dollar blockbusters (Onward, A Quiet Place Part II), the long awaited releases of some films with extended delays (My Spy, The Hunt) and some indie ensemble streaming titles (Lost Girls, Blow the...

January 2020 wasn’t a great month for new, wide released films, and February not only looks to top it – but provide us with a solid quantity of genuinely great, creative and original films. Whether you want to catch up on Sundance family fare (Timmy Failure, Wendy) or Sundance adaptations of stories we’re familiar with (Downhill, The Assistant), festival favorite foreign cinema (The Traitor, Portrait of a Lady on Fire) or some new romantic comedies...

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