TV ReviewsStation 19 Season 2 Episode 13: The Dark Night Review

Dylan PhillipsApril 12, 201975/100
Stacey K. Black
Phillip Iscove
Running Time
44 minutes
Thursdays 9pm
Overall Score
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The blackout allows the firefighters to deal with a multitude of situations in a single location without them feeling overembelished or unrealistic. The team splits into groups allowing them to tackle problems that parallel the issues within their own lives so they can all grow a little more. While some scenarios and the message are more entertaining than others, their ability to adapt to situations and work together shows the expansive skillset of this field.

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The Dark Night” starts off with Dean complaining to the crew at mess hall about his dating situation. Tuck suggests that Dean fake having a girlfriend and Maya instantly offers herself up as a prime candidate. The lights flicker as the city’s blackout comes towards their station. However, during the morning meal, Tuck runs out and has a tense, distant conversation with Ben. Meanwhile, Kathleen (Lisseth Chavez) returns to the station looking for Andy.

Pruitt returns from his vacation with a newfound relaxation causing Ripley to question taking one with Victoria. Kathleen sits down with Andy and questions her time at the academy. The only other female in the program dropped out and she’s feeling alone. Unfortunately, their chat is cut short by a call. Andy manages to convince Sullivan to let her bring Kathleen on their call to continue their chat. In the truck, Maya continues to sell herself to Dean, but he cuts her off by saying she never does relationships.

The call is a missing person situation as Zander (Alek Cole) cannot find his younger sister Penny (Vivien Lyra Blair) who has disappeared. Without her medication, Penny could have a medical emergency. The team splits up to explore the apartment complex in the hope of covering more ground. As they scour the building, Ben responds to someone shouting for help. He enters the apartment to find a woman (Jasika Nicole) performing CPR on her dad (Sam Anderson).

Ben calls on the radio for help and some supplies while trying to keep the woman calm. Victoria helps Ben set up a breathing apparatus while Travis talks to the woman and checks in on her to distract her. When her father awakes, she is overjoyed, but his first words are asking why she didn’t let him die. The woman interjects and says that her dad would discuss the ways he would prefer to die to keep things a little lighthearted. Ben talks with the man about the difficulties of parenting especially with kids that don’t listen. The man talks about how tired he is and that he is ready to go. Ben brings up a DNR, but the woman overhears and disagrees. This sparks an ethical discussion between Travis and Ben about what is right for their patient.

Andy and Jack walk through the halls with Kathleen using the situation as a training exercise. They are confronted by a disgruntled resident (Brian Tichnell) who asks when the power will return. The firefighters run into Ryan and Jenna at which time they decide it is best to split up. Jack jumps at the opportunity to run off with Ryan leaving Andy to deal with Jenna. Ryan drops the bomb about his relationship situation with Andy and Jenna causing Jack to comment that things are going to get really weird. Andy, Jenna and Kathleen respond to a scream from an apartment, but it’s a few teenagers watching a scary movie. They recall that Penny frequently hangs out the basement leading them down there. They arrive and find Penny trapped in a dryer that locked after the power went out.

Going through the halls, Sullivan, Maya and Dean find their own situation with a man (Hermie Castillo), who is two hours into eating a massive tub of ice cream. The man is lightheaded prompting them to check for something. Turns out there is a massive gas leak throughout the building. Andy says that they need to use a power tool to break Penny out and with the radio cutting out, Sullivan needs to intervene before a spark causes the gas to ignite. He heads downstairs and plans to pry open the dryer with Andy and Kathleen. They manage to break open the door and perform CPR on an unconscious Penny until she awakes.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team prepares for a full evacuation of the building. Ben, Travis and Victoria prepare to move their patient and remind him that they are obligated to bring him back, but he refuses to leave. While the woman is a frantic mess, Ben suggests that the man takes the time to open up to his daughter. He says to sign a DNR for him because it is his time and he has lived his life. She asks the firefighters what that would entail and agrees to sign it per her father’s request. They decide to give them one last wish, a chance to look at the stars. As the woman looks at the constellations, her father peacefully passes away in her arms.

Andy tells Zander that their parents will meet them at the hospital and sends them off in the aid car. She apologizes to Kathleen about putting her in danger, but she thanks Andy for showing her the rewarding aspects of the job. Andy also takes the opportunity to stop by Maya and thank her for always being her rock. Andy’s night ends with Jenna asking her out for a drink causing Ryan to cautiously watch from afar. At the station, Andy furthers her apology train for pushing Sullivan to let her take Kathleen on the call. He tells her not to worry about it and is thankful that he can call her a friend.

At Dean’s houseboat, Maya continues to try to sell herself as a promising fake girlfriend. Jack interjects and praises many of Maya’s qualities, both in her personality and her sparkling eyes. Ben decides to have a difficult conversation with Tuck and open up about letting that man die at the apartment. He doesn’t want to tell Tuck about the bad stuff on the job or in life, but he feels like he needs to open up to him so Tuck feels included.

Back at the station, Ripley talks to Pruitt about his vacation and new relationship while they keep the generator running. Victoria returns home and exclaims to Ripley that she wants to live in the moment and take a vacation with him. After his night, he agrees and wants to embrace life with her. She is hesitant believing that maybe their secret will hold them back, but Ripley says that maybe they shouldn’t be a secret any more. At the station, Andy and Sullivan talk about the bright spots of the skyscraper incident: that Kathleen joined Seattle FD and that it brought Sullivan to Station 19.

Captain’s Log

  • Will Dean give into his mother’s demands?
  • How long with Pruitt and Reggie last?
  • Will anyone have a problem with Ripley and Victoria?
  • How will everyone react to Maya and Jack?
  • Is Ben stretching himself too thin?

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