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Keith NoakesJuly 8, 201994/100
Andrea Arnold
David E. Kelley
Running Time
45 minutes
Sundays 9pm
HBO Canada, HBO
Overall Score
Rating Summary
Kill Me was an excellent episode with satisfying character moments accentuated by a savage Mary Louise taking shots in an attempt to bring everything down. Meryl Streep was once again on point here.

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Synopsis: Renata deals with the fallout from Gordon’s legal troubles and attempts to help Celeste. Bonnie relives painful memories from her past. (HBO)

The endgame is near as the seeds for the Monterey Five’s demise have been planted plus a twist await in this episode entitled Kill Me. The significance of the episode title will come later though some characters would be better off dead to be honest.

Kill Me started off with more dreams about the incident. Meanwhile, Celeste and Mary Louise had their first meeting with a custody judge. What was supposed to be a simple meeting got off the rails after an inappropriate outburst from Mary Louise. Celeste, on the other hand, was restless with her own lawyer’s inaction. Renata offered to help by talking to Mary Louise (she would also get the news that she was going to be dropped from the magazine piece she was preparing for). Meanwhile, Ziggy got bullied at school because his father was a rapist (Jane later comforted him when he was worried he’s grow up to be one) but Max and Josh came to his defense before the three ganged up on the bully and would all get suspended for their trouble.

Renata invited Mary Louise to her home for tea but Mary Louise saw right through her and her empty house (due to her bankruptcy) and viciously tore her a new one (and it was glorious as was the shot she took later at Madeline). Meanwhile at home, one of Celeste’s twins uncharacteristically lashed out. She also shared with them that Mary Louise was seeking custody (because she was too sad about their father’s death and needed time to get better). During another meeting, Mary Louise’s lawyer offered joint custody contingent to Celeste seeking treatment, however, she was not interested. Their goal was to avoid going to court which would be ideal since they could bring up the incident. Since the other Monterey Five could be called as witnesses, they could all be in trouble.

Elizabeth wasn’t getting any better at the hospital. While this was happening, we would see flashbacks of Bonnie as a child where Elizabeth was abusive towards her. Meanwhile, her father Martin seemed to be nonexistent back, trying to protect everyone by keeping the peace, so he decided to step up now. However, when Bonnie later went to check up on her mother, she told her that she wanted Bonnie to kill her.

Madeline and Ed attempted a couple’s retreat but it would be too odd for them. Their real breakthrough was on their way back home where they finally opened up to one another and Madeline making an passionate plea to Ed that she would never cheat on him again (a powerful scene thanks to Witherspoon and Scott). Meanwhile, when Jane and Corey tried to get intimate, Jane just couldn’t go through with it.

In a montage that ended the episode, Jane, Celeste, Corey, and all the kids when kayaking while Ed ran into a former fling at the bar (while the man Madeline cheated on was also there), Renata and Amabella were spending time together to take their minds off the fact that they were now poor (Renata couldn’t go through with saying that money wasn’t everything), and Bonnie made another stop at the police station. However when she got there, she saw Corey come out of it.

The Montery Five better find a way to stick together or their testimony is going to bring them down because it doesn’t look like Mary Louise is going to give up. Maybe Bonnie won’t let it go that far and what will she do with her mother? The final stretch is going to be exciting.

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